Yeramia's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 5 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 60 Points

Drone Head

Average Unlocked 1 day ago
10 Points
Get 15 or more points
Knockout 25 Points Stun 9 or more enemies in one game
Mercy 25 Points Get in the portal without killing a single enemy
Pro-Bot 50 Points Get 30 or more points

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/110 points)


Friday Night Funker Unlocked 5/9/21
5 Points
Start the game
SPOOKY TIME Unlocked 5/9/21
10 Points
Beat Week 1 in Story mode and unlock Week 2
Just like the game 25 Points Funk on a Friday (real time)

Medals Earned: 2/3 (15/40 points)

Tooth Toss

King Slayer Unlocked 4/29/21
10 Points
Kill the final boss
One Throw Unlocked 5/10/21
25 Points
Kill two enemies with one throw of the sword
Sorry 25 Points Get your sword stuck when you need to save your pal
Survivor 25 Points Don't die even once and complete the game

Medals Earned: 2/4 (35/85 points)